How to choose a newsletter template

Did you decide to use a pre-paid template for your newsletter? Now it’s time to find an appropriate template that will perfectly fit your needs. It might be a little bit harder than you imagined, because of the wide diversity of different newsletter templates usually offered by marketplaces or email service providers.

Free or premium? There are a lot of free email templates, but you shouldn’t hurry using one of them. Usually they are of poor quality and If you don’t want your company image to be affected you should better use a premium template. It is surely worth paying once 15-25 USD and take advantage of premium template’s benefits for a long time after: professionally designed, multiplatform support, easy customizable layout, a variety of layouts and color schemes, free support.

The design. Your newsletter should have the same style as the look and feel of your website and it is very important for it to correspond to your brand book. Choose a template that will offer you the possibility to easily integrate your logo, colors and other corporate elements.

Source files. Don’t use templates that don’t come with source files. You’ll need the Photoshop source files (or other software’s files that was used to design the template) to be flexible to make the newsletter look as unique as you want.

Multiplatform support. You can consider that the campaign is compromised if your newsletter will not be displayed properly in user’s email client. You should make sure that the template you want to use was tested in most important email clients.

The layout. Because at the moment you structured you content in one column it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to a template that offer only a one column layout. In future newsletters you might need to structure your content in two or three columns and you should be ready to easily change your newsletter.

Support.You should make sure that there is a way to communicate with the author of the template you bought even after the achieving is done. Sometimes, email clients are making changes in the way they display emails and the author of the template is the most appropriate person to help you not to be affected by that.

If you’ll find an html email template that meets all the requirements described in this article, you can be sure an important part of creating a successful email marketing campaign is done. Happy mailing!

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