Fall is just around the corner and kids are starting, or ready to head back to school. It’s time to determine the new school supply they will need. What is the most important part of gear for a successful school year? A great kids backpack! We have compiled a list of suggested features to find the perfect backpack for your little riders.


There are no other name tags waiting for your kids’ to travel or to move out of the bag. Find a kid’s backpack that has a built-in ID window where you can safely place your child’s information safely without worrying about the missing tag.

All Burton kids’ backpacks come in built-in ID window.


Have you ever noticed your kids’ backpack shoulder straps sliding off your arms? There is a simple solution for that! Look for kids backpacks that have a chest strap running in their shoulders straps. When combined, breast strap will help keep them safe behind for lugging around school supplies while your child’s pack fits more comfortable.All the children’s backpacks come with a chest strap on backpacks.


It is always important to hydrate, and have quick access to water bottles or drink pockets. It is important to keep a bottle of possible rest water from inside your child’s pack, where it can damage important school supplies (like library books!) Easily accessible, look for a backpack for kindergarten with the help of external bottle pockets and keep the kids happy and their supply of school and dry supplies.

Burton Gromlett and Youth Day Hiker Pack The exterior water bottle pockets feature. Burton Metalhold Pack features an insulating, exotic beverage pocket.


When looking for the right backpack for your child, remember the kind of supplies and storage they need. Many kids’ backpacks are easily accessible, small pockets for food-like supplies. Some backpacks have removable, accessory pouches for things like pen and pencil. Many people now come with padded pockets for electronics to keep them safe. Consider the things your child will need to carry everyday while looking for your next backpack.

Burton Youth Tinders, Youth Day Hiker, Metalhead, Stress, and Gromlett packs have a Pad Laptop Slave. In addition, the pressure pack features a removable accessory pouch.


Because your child does not just use their backpack in school, consider other activities that may require a portable, versatile backpack for them. Some children come with backpacks exotic straps for tweezing around the scoreboard or snowboard. Remember this when looking for a pack for your little one.

Burton Youth Day Hiker Outward Snowboard Strap Features. Youth Amphisis and the Metallahd pack are extruded sketboard straps that can be used to carry a Barton Regal board.

Best Kids backpacks come in an amazing range of colours and designs, so do not forget to find a child’s backpack that fits your child’s personality so that they go back to school in style.

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